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Armed with guitar, mic, drum machines, sampler and synths, Zea comes with fast-paced programmed drums, copious synth work, guitars that go from jangly to strummy on a moments notice, and vocals that chant as much as they sing. 8-bit electronic sounds exploding all over the place and at the same time a poptune isn’t out of the question either.

Live is Zea fast and vicious, putting rock and roll into electronics, and pushing noisy loops into beat punk. For more than ten years Zea has been playing all over the world, including 3 times USA, 5 times Russia, Canada, 9 times UK, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Balkan, Scandinavia. Zea also played many festivals like Moers (D) and Printemps de Bourges (F), Lowlands (NL), CMJ, SXSW (USA). In 2008 and 2009 Zea played 11 concerts in Ethiopia and one in Accra (Ghana).

In 2016 Arnold went back into the studio to come with a new album, something totally different again since he decided to sing all songs in Frisian, his first language (spoken in the northern Dutch province called Fryslân). The songs are more direct, stripped down and personal. The new album will be released spring 2017. ​​

“The solo project of Arnold de Boer gives us a bunch of avant-garde elements loosely structured - like a child’s play - just to build his sonic world.” AOTY

Luister tracks van zijn nieuwe album.

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